Women entrepreneurs: Early-Stage Female Founder Roundtable

Mercredi 18 novembre
17h00 - 18h00

Meet the female founders who are bringing their disruptive technologies to several different industries. These >>venture>> competition winners will share their unique perspective as early-stage startups, describing challenges, insights, and key learnings on their way to entrepreneurial success.

​Samantha Anderson
CEO and co-founder of DePoly

​Fajer Mushtaq
CEO and co-founder of Oxyle

​Loulia Kassem
CEO and co-founder of REA

​Silvia Marquez Calvet
Co-founder of Nuniq

​Carmen Escano Serrano
Co-founder of Nuniq

​Dr. Lea Firmin
The event will be moderated by >>venture>> CEO, Dr. Lea Firmin.